Role stress identification among front liner employees of the university

Christian Michelle V. Cacho1 and Belen B. Apostol2
1 Faculty, School of Business Administration and Accountancy
University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines
2Faculty, School of Business Administration and Accountancy
University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines


This study considers the role stress front liners of University of Baguio experience during the conduct of their responsibilities in their department. There are different types of role stress included in this research, which may affect the quality of service they provide to different students and employees of the institution. The descriptive survey method was adopted by using a survey questionnaire. The participants of the study were the non-teaching personnel of the University of Baguio: rank and file, front liners in the different offices who provide direct services to students. The data gathered were statistically treated using weighted mean and ANOVA for the differences of means considering the moderators: office affiliation and years of service. Generally, front liners in the University of Baguio experience all types of role stress. Among the three types of role stress, the inter-client conflict was the most experienced, while organization conflict is the least type of role stress they encounter in their work. Considering inter- client conflict, it was found out that the employees find it most stressful when students want to shorten the transaction period but do not follow the right process set to finish the service. The Student Account’s Office had posed the highest agreement in experiencing the inter client conflict. Considering years in service, the type of role stress that is being experienced is the personal conflict. experiencing the inter-client conflicts.

Keywords: Role stress, workload, service, front liners, non-teaching personnel, conflict

January 18, 2023
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